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Updated: June 2021

Welcome back to RDS for another dance season!

We’re so excited to begin our summer session schedule on Monday, June 14th!


As excited as we are to continue dancing, we must maintain our new safety guidelines to ensure we dance safely and responsibly. 

  • Equipment use will be limited and cleaned thoroughly if used. 

  • Students, parents, and employees are NOT required to wear masks- if you would like to wear a mask during class or while visiting, that is up to you! If you'd prefer to have an instructor wear a mask, feel free to schedule a private session.

  • All students must sanitize their hands before and after class. 

Private sessions and semi-private sessions with Miss Ellie are offered as a social distancing option as well, either at our studio or other locations. Please contact us to schedule your session!








Due to the current climate in our society as we recover and attempt to get back to normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, private groups and individual sessions have been in high demand both in the studio and at homes and other locations. We’re so happy and thankful that we can expand our services to accommodate your needs in order to get your children active and dancing again. The RDS family has never been bigger!


Now that it’s been a few months since we’ve been offering and running these private sessions, we’d like to bring your attention to some important policies that will be in effect as of December 1st, 2020. Please read through our studio policies so we can all be on the same page going forward when it comes to your private sessions. Please respect and understand our policies are in place for a reason as we are a small local business and are doing our very best not only to recover from the pandemic, but live within it.


Dance Pricing:

Because we are creating a private class for you and your group specifically, pricing is a bit different than at the studio proper. A MINIMUM OF 5 STUDENTS IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY PRIVATE GROUP SESSION FOR THE GROUP RATE OF $21 PER STUDENT CAN APPLY.

 If there is an absence, the person absent can still pay for their share of the class or the difference can be split between the group, whatever the members of the group decide and works best for them. If a last minute absence takes place, the same rules still apply. 


Acro pricing:

Acro sessions are $30 per person per session with a minimum of 5 students per class in order for the group rate to apply. Please understand this increase in price compared to our dance class prices- insurance, travel supply, supply cleaning, and training are all very different for acro classes and our prices are adjusted as needed. 



We want payment per class to be as easy and stress-free as possible. We allow pay-per-class payment methods such as Venmo and Zelle, but if there is a problem with respecting our policies and sending payments on time, we will require a debit or credit card on file for weekly automatic payments. 



All cancellations must take place at least 12 hours in advance. Any cancellations that happen after the 12 hour mark from the start of class will be charged the full amount for the class. No charge will incur if the cancellation window is met. 


Weather cancellations:

We understand that no one can control the weather. We also understand with the current climate that many of our clients are much more comfortable with outdoor sessions. We are happy to accommodate this requirement! However, with this request and requirement, there must be an understanding that weather may be an issue. Our instructors specifically commute and carve out time in their schedule in order to teach each group and we must make sure reserving schedule time for outdoor sessions is worthwhile and protected for them.  


Weather cancellations must occur 1 hour before class begins. If the cancellation window is not met and the class is cancelled within 1 hour of the class taking place, the full amount for the class will be charged.

Additionally, if weather becomes an issue while a class is being taught, the full amount for class will still be charged.


Credits and Makeups:

Please note that group session credits on our group class schedule at the studio CANNOT be transferred to private group or individual sessions. 

Once the dance session is over and no classes are being given, no makeup classes can be made. Makeup classes from the winter and spring sessions do not carry over to the summer session. Please refer to the schedule on our website or in the studio and choose what class would be suited for your child based on age and style. Makeups can be made up to 30 days after the class has been missed. Once 30 days has passed, the makeup class expires and cannot be made up.


Thank you so much for your understanding of our policies and protocols with the current climate of our world. We love and appreciate each of our clients so much- the fact that you all see the importance and fun of dance in your child’s life is so special to us. 


See you in class!

Miss Ellie and the RDS Team

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