$21/ 1 hour class

$29/ 1.5 hour class

(monthly commitment required)

Walk Ins:

$25/1 hour class

$35/1.5 hour class

Payment Options:


Individual Class Payments:

Clients may choose to pay for each class individually as they occur throughout the dance season. If your child misses class, you will not be charged for that class and a makeup class will NOT be credited. Please note that for this payment option, a spot in class is not guaranteed and classes may be full. To participate in this option, a credit or debit card must be on file.

Month-By-Month Payments:


Clients may choose to pay for the amount of classes that are occurring within the current month. This option guarantees a spot in class for as many classes a client chooses to purchase. Some months may have more classes occurring than others due to vacations and holidays. If a student misses a class, the client account will be credited for that class for 30 days. After 30 days from the missed class, the class credit will expire and cannot be used for future classes.

RDS has a no refund policy.