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Roots Dance Studio group class

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We are only offering privately scheduled sessions at this time. 

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Ballet is the fundamental style of all dance. In our ballet classes at RDS, we focus on proper technique, correct muscle usage, terminology, and choreography, no matter the age. Ballet helps with posture, hip and leg strength, as well as fluidity and grace. At any age and level, we conduct structured and productive ballet classes to ensure progress and growth in every dancer.



RDS offers a one-of-a-kind jazz class that focuses on the style and music of broadway and musicals. Choreography and across-the-floor technique exercises are highly focused upon in this high-energy, fast-paced class. We recommend this class for dancers who feel caught in the middle between hip hop and ballet. It’s a perfect happy medium!



Our hip hop classes at RDS zone in on execution, full-out movements, and stunts. With a new choreography every week to help with memory and comprehension, hip hop is an energetic, high intensity style at every level. We strive to challenge our hip hop dancers with all six styles of hip hop, regardless of level, to expose them to every variety of the hip hop style. 

There are several levels for hip hop to accommodate and challenge every dancer at every age. Advanced classes are by instructor-approval only.



At RDS, we teach Acro in a safe and specific way. All Acro classes are body weight based and teach skills of muscle control and strength in addition to the goal-movements of the class such as handstands, backbends, and cartwheels. Each class makes students more and more comfortable with muscle usage for longer amounts of time and develop muscle memory.


Lyrical is considered a contemporary style, but at RDS, we describe it as "ballet with no rules." Students learn grace and technique without the rigid rules of ballet form. Music is diverse and this style can be put to almost any kind of music genre, making this class a unique and exciting experience. 


Jazz funk is a fusion class of the technique of jazz and the swagger of hip hop. With a mix of fast paced and slow choreography, this class teaches proper muscle movement, isolations, and out-of-the-box dance twists in jazz and hip hop

Learn the newest Tik Tok dances in this class! With a range of beginner to advanced choreographies, this fun and energetic class focuses on the trends of Tik Tok and some Tik Toks of our own! students will feel accomplished and confident with recordings of Tik Toks at the end of every class!


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